Foni tis Korinthias


If the Mind has Eyes…

I shall refer here to some few subjects regarding the Earth’s biological position as well as to the way human beings behave, which is based upon the particular beliefs they have developed and that underpin their life there. As to the life of others, if we judge by the signs of the times, the polluted atmosphere, the spread of various diseases and the excessive numbers of deaths, it would appear that mankind has never minded about those who will follow. They are mainly interested in how they themselves will live, today, and nothing more. This is an attitude reminiscent to me of animals, whose principal concern is to find food for the current day, without caring about the next …

My motivation for referring today to the era, to Nature and life comes from a Russian documentary recently shown on ET3. In this film I saw scientist/scholars with great ‘beliefs’ and great lust for research referring – almost as if they were heroes – to the results of their research relating to the future events that will in their opinion occur on the planet. I ascertained in fact that some of what they said was true. What they do not know, however, is that when negative Nature sends its messages it presents only one side of the truth so as to terrorize people. And it never gives guidance as to how one can be safe from the coming events. This is the rule of Anti-Lawful Nature.

At this point, the question must be asked: where are those called the guiders of men to be found? Where are those who wanted without fail to protect mankind and guide them to a ‘future life’, finally leading to the ‘kingdom’ of the Earth? As I have in the past had dialectic discussions with persons from the approved echelons of such ‘guides’, I have ascertained that they indeed believe solely in the kingdom of the Earth.

I therefore wish here to give a revelation about Nature, mainly addressing aspiring researchers: at this moment, the fluid atmospheric elements of earthly Nature have begun to be disrupted from its material elements. This signifies that they are inductively ceasing to have a relation of intercourse of energetic functionality among them. But what is the outcome of the disruption of their relation affecting the Earth’s atmospheric and material condition? There are many branches that could find out, if they were to conduct more careful research. For example, when seismologists refer to earthquakes, they seek their causal roots exclusively in the dynamics of subterranean and submarine zones. Why do they not search for the role played in earthquakes by the atmospheric state of the fluid elements? Let them seek to find whether geologic Nature can be isolated from ethereal Nature. This is a very specific issue which they have to date not pinpointed so as to look into it. In the same way, it has not occurred to the experts that there may be immediacy between the preservation of animate productivity and the relation between atmospheric fluid and material Nature.

Such significant details are lacking from the gnoseology of the Earth’s experts. On the other hand, they do not fail to speak in arrogant tones of their supposed discoveries. We, however, see the state that earthly Nature has come to with the help of scientists. It is clear to everybody by now that the planet has entered the rule of dissolution. Were it not for the acceleration of the destruction, to which they contributed, human beings would have some margins for extension of the life of Nature which would give them a chance to learn. But all this is not part of the gnoseology of those who have the responsibility and thus by necessity mankind is now embarked without complaining upon a headlong course toward the tragic events to come. When will they happen? I do not wish to determine a time. It is however an absolute certainty that humanity will soon have them before its eyes.

There is however a further most important fact that I wish to reveal here: to the south of our Galaxy there exists a sun that until recently emitted a powerful supply transmission to our sun. These dynamics of energy transmitted, by means of our Sun, formed a sufficient defence system for the animate condition of our planet and in particular the organic class of man. However, because of the pollution that prevailed on Earth, with influence also on the animate systems of other, lower planets, the supply for our Sun from that other sun was broken off. Our Sun thus at present has a deficiency in the biochemistry of its energy. This deficiency provoked an acuteness of the sun’s radiation which, on the basis of our planet’s atmospheric pollution, enabling easier penetration, with a negative effect upon the class of animates. Scientists call this facilitation of entrance of the sun’s radiation ‘the greenhouse effect’. But what is in fact really happening is that the elemental composition of our biologic planetary system – which is azote, ozone, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon — has been formed on a different scale of quantitative and qualitative articulation as elements energizing life. The azote and the ozone have been entirely fragmented, to a percentage which I need not mention here, and this is extremely serious. Based on the fragmentation of those two, oxygen is showing diminished effectiveness. Hydrogen, which has a positive life-forming place in the whole of animate Nature, has also been fragmented, adulterating its capacities. Carbon has furthermore increased in quantity and effect upon biological life.
For all these reasons, today the Earth’s biologic system presents fundamental deficiencies as well as dangerous increases in harmful elements.

One may well wonder here, whereto is life on Earth proceeding? The people of Earth will see it very soon, through enormous events that will occur, not in 2012 or 2013, but at different times…

If specialist scientists make careful observations, they might localize some of those hazardous elements and the radical alterations of the atmosphere that with the scientists’ own assistance brought about a new disastrous reality in the Earth’s atmosphere. As a matter of fact, this reality is not restricted to our planet alone, it has also polluted other planetary systems of our Sun, and we do not know how far this can extend. It does not mean, of course, even if they find them that they can do anything about it. This is by now too difficult. It would therefore be right if – even at this last moment – they were to admit their errors and speak out.