Foni tis Korinthias


On Dissociation

The era we are living through today on Earth supplies man’s psycho-biological position with a special, mysterious state: dissociation. This has of course always existed. But in olden times at regular intervals some people made their appearance who loved peace and for that reason kept themselves at a distance from the period’s vilifications. Dissociation is not casually named thus. It is a phenomenon emerging through the mystic functioning of organicity.

Two biological rules of the organism participate in this with their productivity: that of energy and that of resistance. If we go to the physics of organic functions, two further rules will be found there: the carbon-oid and the hydro-alimenting states. These impel the organism to find itself in a demeanour of arousal, that leads a person to have differences with himself and with others. The judgment he probably develops upon this has two forms, for man is mostly subject to and operates by two elements: the negative and the positive. These are established and organo-operate in his biological element, attributing to him a total natural working condition adapted at times to the influence of the unconscious and at times to the conscious. The unconscious has a completed appearance and expression upon the material elements. The conscious places the reasoning thought of man also upon the invisible element (that is of the soul). In man’s biological-hormonal system, however, the visible element predominates (that is the reflective appearing as material). Nevertheless, the visible element is a functional expression assisting a person to seek the invisible, which is that of the soul. But for this to occur as person must also have the partaking function of the conscious and not only of the unconscious that influences him to function in the adjacent side of the state of his organic position, Iwhich may be called skin-deep activity.

It has to be specified that the unconscious is supplied by the hormonal system, with priority of the function of the thyroid. These operational sectors of the organism reinforce their productivity, reaching the point of breaking up the proportional isometry between unconscious and conscious. With their help, however, a person manages to perceive the essential meaning of ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. These twin basic operational, good and bad, positive and negative, are elementally placed by Nature in man’s organic order, so as to form trans-mobility that will bring him to an energization of his starting points. Setting out is every time an intensive, functional and institutional objective of organicity, acting in such a way as to avert the downfall of immobility from a person or, in other words, his dotage.

W hen however a person does not develop the perception that will help him to observe the silver lining of the cloud, he is then permanently influenced by the unconscious. There, such a skin-deep dynamism is formed that it manages to influence the sensory function of his biological organicity. And he thus finds himself in constant thoughtlessness or ignorance. These lead him to the point of not conjoining with the positive element of the conscience which he needs – also for what comes in the hereafter – but to find himself almost completed upon the physio-generation of the unconscious.

Ιt may here be observed that nature has the capacity and the predomination to offer man both elements, unconscious and conscious, with the unconscious taking first place as the locationally generated condition of nature here, with the most evident presentations of the material elements playing the leading part. And because of the great need for our organic equilibrium we are called to make tremendous efforts in order to distinguish the conscious from the unconscious and, by extension, the lie from the truth, comprehending what the one and the other has to offer. The issue of lies is too huge to be treated here. All I shall say in a few words is that a lie is formed as a transmitting condition of skin-deep superficiality shaped by the character of our organicity in such a way that dissociation typifies it. Dissociation is an acquired predomination of organic sensorial-reception that makes someone feel disrupted in himself and consequently dissatisfied. On this basis he sees everything with reflective (that is superficial) vision versus essential vision, which would help him to distinguish the beneficial from the harmful, the definite from the indefinite.

This uncontrolled development of skin-deep superficiality in mankind of today, added to polluted food and air have brought man to an infinite difficulty. Because of this the production of his blood function is no longer that which would assist the brain to develop a strong doubt of what is offered, which would subsequently be transformed also into a steady perception of what has to be done to assist his organic functions and production. When blood is produced, after passing through a special processing centre it then enters the lungs to be oxygenated and cleansed of any inferior quality of elements. From there it goes to the heart, which carries the selected quality of blood to the brain and the remainder to the rest of the organism. The brain needs the suitable haematic quality of nourishment in order to develop those operations promoting perception in man to distinguish the propitious from the pernicious.

Nowadays, based on the pollution mankind has effected on the food chain, the atmosphere, the earth and the water table, they have ended up in an aggressivity against their very selves, which makes them feel dissatisfied and turns them against others, demanding to be treated as they themselves wish, but without themselves behaving towards others as they should. This is due to the disruption of their organic equilibrium. People are thus no longer in communication with their selves. One of the results thereof is the appearance of new illnesses proliferating in our era. It is in essence the destructiveness that inorganic carbon effectuates in our organism. We thus reach a point where medical science diagnoses diverse illnesses which it cannot cure, however, for it does not know their exact nature nor provenance.

We have therefore seen that when we do not have the proper function of nourishment, when we do not have a good apportionment of proteins with their resulting consequences, then also the proper production of blood does not go to the brain. In this way we reinforce the hormonal system – mainly the thyroid – to establish the one-sided function of the unconscious. However, the conscious also seeks to take its functional share in the physiology of the organism, and if it does not have it, then a person lives in dissociation: on the one hand the conscious functions partially, thus maintaining a deficiency in his organic dynamics, and on the other hand the power of the unconscious is increased, impelling him to make demands. This is more or less how we end up seeing conflicts, wars, murders, thefts and all the transgressions.

I should like to say in concluding that every individuality of soul entering into this space or into any planetary system of the intermediate, of the higher or the lower universe has been recorded with a code, differently numbered, according to the level of universe in which it is biologised. The Soul will have this code wherever it goes. The code comprises all the biological formation of functional organicity as productive presence and expression of life, upon which the Soul institutes its position. The dissociation brought about by our doings breaks up the integrity of this code, so that the person then finds himself in a pathological inferiority, thus developing a magnetic attraction to every harmful direction …