Foni tis Korinthias


Μan’s Ignorance about Nature

The irrefutable clash of Man with his present natural form increases his subjective position, leading him to be in constant conflict with his self and, by extrapolation, with others. And his self, subjected as it is here in the intermediate universe, follows the unconscious expression and is subordinated to the greedy licence of the messages of his unconscious. The intermediate universe is answerable to the rules of natural conflict. This is why man, when he clashes, follows his natural flow here, element as he is of this intermediate universe. This is how he was classified, on the basis of his component course.

The Creator made Nature with its Laws and then took His anonymous place. He furthermore placed the Hierarchies as operators of the Laws of Nature. The Creator, therefore, does not inhabit the intermediate universe. He inhabits the place, to us anonymous, of the higher universe. Consequently, let the so-called physicist and philosopher of the Earth first learn where he himself lives and let him then request from above to be accepted and enlightened in order to see how the universe was created and who is its Creator.

The psychiatric branch of medicine says that when a person speaks unscrupulously he has special psychological problems. And when someone is ignorant he cannot but speak unscrupulously. He then continues his course in the intermediate and the lower universes.

We cannot speak of science when we do not know the meaning of intermediate universe and science. The Ancient Greeks had made an effort to approach this notion. But the intermediate universe, that keeps man a slave and incoherent in his life did not permit these perceptions to be completed. And you should learn that parasitism is not without benefit, for it produces energy which has purpose in the universe’s physio-technical legal functions.

At special times the Highest Workers of the higher universe send some persons to Earth who very laboriously leave some guidelines. Nature will accept him who has respect for them and will guide him so that he should comprehend its organicity, how it is, in which special legal stipulation it functions and which is that most particular objective for which it functions in that way.

What I write here is addressed to those mentioned as experts, who, based on their ignorance, reject the natural Laws whilst not yet knowing how their own gastrointestinal (gastro-enteritic) system functions.

With respect, Ioannis G. Tsatsaris, Gnoseologist – Writer.